Strategies for Testing in the D2L Learning Environment

D2L uses Quizzes as its feature for developing quizzes/tests/exams. The following information pertains to features found under the Quizzes tab in a D2L course. 
Minimize the amount of objective-only testing. When developing quizzes/tests in D2L, limit the number of objectives-based questions (i.e., multiple choice, true-false, matching). If you feel that you must use these types of questions, configure your quiz so that it randomizes the order of the questions and the answer choices. NOTE: It is not recommended that you randomize answer choices if you use “All of the Above” and/or “None of the Above” as an answer choice. 

Click on any of the links below to access the specific UITS instructions. You may download the UITS instructions for creating quizzes here and the UITS instructions for creating different question types here

  • Set time restrictions for your quizzes/tests
  • Configure your quizzes/tests to only display one question at a time. 
  • Limit the amount of feedback that D2L provides to students at the end of the quiz/test. Ideally, feedback would be limited to only show the student their score. Additional feedback could be provided to students once all quizzes/tests have been completed. 
  • Use question pools. Apart from adding specific questions to a quiz/test, D2L can select questions from a question bank. You can specify the criteria for the questions and the number of questions and have the LMS randomly select questions that meet these criteria. This is especially useful if you utilize a publisher question bank or have a pool of questions in a format that can be imported into D2L. 
  • Disable e-mail and chat tools during testing.
  • Allow only one attempt per test.
  • Use a lockdown browser or Respondus Monitor for proctoring service. Respondus is a lockdown browser built into D2L. However, this feature is NOT compatible with screen reader technologies. If you have a student that requires a screen reader to access course content, alternative arrangements will need to be made.