New to Teaching Online - Start Here

Online tools allow you the flexibility when delivering your course(s) to students. This page serves as a guide to your adoption of using online tools. If you are new to teaching online, you will find a section that allows you to:

  1. Get Started - Securely access the system with two-step authentication and log into D2L to set up your course content.
  2. Share you Syllabus and Course Documents - First and foremost, get this important document shared with students.
  3. Manage and Share Grades with Students - Learn how to configure your gradebook within D2L; keeping students updated on their progress in your course.
  4. Meet Online with Students – Communicate quickly, easily, and virtually with the entire campus community using MS Teams.
  5. Prompt Students to Action - Use the Announcements tool to broadcast information to your students.
  6. How to Make Course Content Accessible - Create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents and PDF documents accessible.