Online Course Design Workshop

Coming soon! February 15, 2021.

badgeThis interactive, two-week asynchronous workshop is designed to provide participants with the foundation knowledge for designing, developing, and implementing a quality online course. This workshop follows two parallel tracks that will provide the participants with technical and pedagogical strategies in alignment with effective online teaching practices. Once you have completed the OCD workshop, you will have the beginnings of a Course Alignment Map and an Accessible Course Syllabus to use in your online course(s). Successful completion of all assessments, assignments, and learning activities in this workshop will earn the participant a digital badge.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Design and develop a quality online course
  2. Construct accessible documents
  3. Explain the importance of course alignment
  4. Describe the importance of instructor presence 

Course Schedule

Week 1 – Course Orientation, Resources, Course Objectives and Course Alignment Map

Week 2 – Digital Content Accessibility and Course Presence/Communication