Online Course Facilitation Program

Registration for OCFP - March 21, 2022

* Please register by March 17, 2022


OCFP badge

Earners of the "Online Course Facilitation Program" have developed the skills need to effectively facilitate an online course. They are competent in skills such as careful planning for online delivery, modeling an online course in such a way that participants become less dependent up the online facilitator, promoting online interaction in a course, being cognizant of participants' motivation for taking an online course, and creating forums to make expectations clear to students.

The Online Course Facilitation Program is an interactive, three-week asynchronous workshop that is designed to provide participants with the necessary competencies to facilitate an online course by balancing both technical and pedagogical aspects.

Successful completion of all assessments, assignments, and learning activities in this workshop will earn the participant a digital badge.

Duration in Hours and Minutes: 3 Weeks (9 hours)
Session Administrator: Robert Swift Jr.
Dates that the Sessions will be offered: March 21, 2022.

Registration for OCFP - March 21, 2022