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Mind conceptThe UDL Experience (UDLEX) is a three-week workshop designed to give Kennesaw State faculty an opportunity to collaborate on applying UDL principles to course lessons, content, activities, and assessments.  This workshop assumes that faculty who attend already have a basic working knowledge of Universal Design for Learning and want to learn more about how to use it in their own course. 

Though we do have some optional introductory content, we've designed the broader workshop to function as a kind of "upper level" course on UDL.  Our primary goal is to provide a safe space and adequate time for faculty and DLI staff to collaborate together to find UDL solutions for our own courses.  

Each module will provide some resources for understanding a specific UDL guideline, but will focus primarily on interactive discussion, with opportunities for asynchronous and synchronous interactions provided.  Each module will also ask you to turn in an assessment, lesson, resource, or activity that you have applied a UDL guideline to.  

After taking this workshop, faculty will be able to:

  1. Explain the principle of Universal Design
  2. Create or design a learning activity, assessment, or a piece of content according to UDL guidelines.
  3. Discuss applying UDL guidelines to real-world learning activities.
  4. Evaluate their course content, material, activities, or assessments according to UDL guidelines.

Duration in Hours and Minutes: 3 weeks (10-15 hours)

Session Administrator: Jason Rodenbeck, Garima Banerjee, and Stephen Rahn

Dates that the Sessions will be offered: October 25, 2021

Register for The UDL Experience