Accessible Teaching Essentials (ATE)

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ATE Badge

Accessible Teaching Essentials (ATE) is a three-week, online workshop designed to fit easily into a hectic teaching schedule—in fact, you’ll only need 2-3 hours per week to complete it!   It is written for faculty who are new to the topic of accessibility, introducing them to the issues at stake, providing an approachable structure for making their course content accessible, showing them how to check course content for accessibility, and providing training and resources for creating accessible course content.

Faculty who complete the ATE workshop will earn the Accessible Teaching Essentials badge, a digital credential which they can share on social media sites such as LinkedIn.

After completing the workshop, faculty will be able to:

  1. Discuss the issue of accessible teaching and its legal and ethical ramifications.
  2. Identify steps you can take to make your course accessible.
  3. Discuss Universal Design for Learning as a strategy for addressing deficiencies.
  4. Practice creating accessible course content.
  5. Use Blackboard Ally to review resources for accessibility.

Duration in Hours and Minutes: Three weeks, approximately 3 hours per week investment.

Session Administrator: Jason Rodenbeck

Dates that the Sessions will be offered: January 23, May 22 and September 11, 2023.