Self-Directed Professional Development

These self-directed professional developments will give you an asynchronous, timely review of a specific topic. These self-directed offerings are completed at your own pace but will generally take less than an hour to finish. Upon successful completion, you will receive a souvenir credential representing your understanding of the topic.

D2L Quickstart Guide

D2L Quickstart

This lesson provides instructions on how to copy a D2L Course into a course shell and how to organize D2L course components.

🕑 Average Time Spend: 20- 30 mins

🎓 Digital Credential: Souvenir

D2L Quickstart Guide

Using Copilot for Effective Course Design

Cover page of AI for course development professional development

Want to use generative AI to design or refine your course, assessments or learning activities? This self-paced course includes all the information you need to confidently and ethically use Copilot for a variety of course design and content generation tasks.

🕑 Average Time Spend: 60 mins

Copilot for Course Design

D2L Grade Book Tutorial

D2L gradebook

This lesson provides an overview of how to set up a D2L Grade Book. 

🕑 Average Time Spend: 30 mins

🎓 Digital Credential: Souvenir

D2L Grade Book Tutorial

Using Large Language Models for Prompt Engineering Description 

Banner image with the words "prompt engineering" in blue

Prompt engineering is used to generate effective outputs from large language models (LLMs) like Copilot. In this course you will get an opportunity to explore various prompt engineering frameworks and patterns to generate content and images using Generative AI tools.

🕑 Average Time Spend: 2-3 hours

Prompt Engineering