Microlearning Video

Microlearning are short, engaging videos that give you a quick introduction to a topic you may not be familiar with. These videos can get you thinking about a new idea or tool. You may find that you know more than you think, or you may become interested in learning more, and microlearning will help you determine if learning more about that idea or tool is appropriate for your needs without the commitment of a workshop or webinar. 

  • Microlearning: Video

    Kaltura MediaSpace

    Thinking about adding video content to your course materials in D2L? Check out this short video to learn about how using Mediaspace can make integrating video content in D2L simple and accessible.


    • sound wave


      Further your scholarship and elevate your teaching with our collection of professional development audio based content curated specifically for academics. From pedagogical insights to the latest research in your field, these audio based  themed offerings keep you on the cutting edge.

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        Sustainable Course Design

        This short video introduces viewers to Sustainable Course Design (SCD) and the similarly named workshop offered by DLI. Viewers are introduced to the core components of sustainable course design. In the SCD workshop,  participants design and develop an online asynchronous course using SCD components which can then be used to teach in any modality, be it synchronous, hybrid, or even Face to Face.

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          Accessibility Documentation

          Need clarification on what to include in your course concerning the accessibility of third party technologies your students will need to use?  This brief video will show you what an accessibility statement is and how you can find the accessibility statements you need for your course.  Coming soon: a similar microlearning on how to use a VPAT!