Professional Development

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Digital Badging

The workshops will assist you in the design, development, and delivery of an online or hybrid course. Upon successful completion of the respective workshop(s), you will receive a digital badge to provide evidence and proof of your newly acquired skills and accomplishments. The digital badge will also create a more complete representation of your learning and experience.

Learn more about Digital Badging

  • A validated indicator of accomplishments, skills, competencies, quality, or interest that can be earned in a variety of learning environments (i.e. “face-to-face, hybrid/blended courses, and online course”).

  • In the context of professional development, digital badges can recognize prior learning and provide evidence throughout the lifelong learning cycle (Diaz & Smith). Digital badges serve a micro-credential(s).

  • All faculty are eligible to participate in any of the professional development workshops offered by the Digital Learning Innovations team to earn a digital badge upon successful completion of required milestones that are in the respective workshops. If you need a hard copy of your certificate, please contact us.

  • Credly will be the digital badging platform that is used to store, display, share, and manage digital badges. Credly can be used to share digital badges with individuals and post to your LinkedIn account or personal/professional websites.


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Badges Completion List

A list of participants who have completed the OCFP and OCD can be found here. (Last updated Oct-25-2022)

Self-Directed Professional Development

These brief 5-6 page modules are entirely self-directed and intended to be viewed in one sitting. Each introduces you to a model or modality of teaching and provides resources for digging deeper and implementing the concept. As you progress you'll be prompted to review your understanding of the content along the way by answering simple questions. Answering all of the questions earns you a digital certificate that proves you completed module.